03 November 2017

Future of Health Conference


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This will be the third conference of the The Future of Health Conference series, the flagship event of “Nigeria Health Watch”, a health policy advocacy organisation on health in Nigeria. Join us as we drive to improve the health sector in Nigeria.

The Future of Health Conference series has become the premier forum where the hopes and aspirations of Nigerians for their health sector are articulated. Annually, the conference brings together inspiring speakers that are responding to some of the toughest challenges facing the Nigerian health sector from the public and private sectors. Speakers reflect the breath of the sector and put forward ideas that are changing the health sector in Nigeria.

The first Conference in 2015 – “The Future of Health” led to intense dialogue among Nigerians on their expectations of the new government with regards to the health sector and Rob Gates famously wondered if the then new President may define his tenure by providing Universal Health Coverage. The second Conference in 2016 focused on the interface between the health and technology spaces, and has spurned an active community of enthusiasts.

The Future of Health Conference in 2017 will focus on “The Business of Health”. The Business of Health Conference will explore the business of health in Nigeria and how it can drive some of the improvements that the sector desperately needs. The private health sector has played an important role in bridging the large voids in other sectors, so why has this not happened to the same extent in the health sector? As the Nigerian government is now being pushed more aggressively towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), defined as “access to adequate health care for all at an affordable price”, the private sector will need to work in greater partnership with the public sector to deliver these objectives. As Nigerians are getting used to better services in other sectors, it is only a matter of time until they insist on the same from the health sector. Can “Business” fill this gap and still provide a socially equitable service? The Nigerian government has struggled to solve the issues of financing the health sector and ensuring it remains affordable to those who need it most. Also, most Nigerians have relied too heavily on government as the source of solutions to the challenges they face in the health sector.

At this unique Conference, we will hear about new thinking in this space from the government side, and hear from innovators and entrepreneurs who have developed new models that have helped to bring the cost of health care down and improve access to existing services.

Objective of the Conference

To amplify solutions from the world of business that will lead to a better health sector serving the Nigerian people.


The one-day conference in Abuja will bring together a curated audience of:

  • Policy makers
  • Nigerian health sector professionals
  • Civil society organisations
  • Academic institutions and research partnerships in Nigeria
  • Non-governmental organisations working in Nigeria
  • Nigerian bilateral and multi-lateral development partners
  • Journalists covering the health beat
  • People with a broad interest in health

Structure of the Conference

The conference will have two panels of six great speakers each with in-depth engagement in these issues. Speakers will be asked to do short introductory remarks highlighting one big issue they will like to address. Each session will be curated with appropriate audio-visual support to highlight their points. We will encourage each talk to contain a call-to- action on how change can be achieved.

Each session will be followed by a tightly moderated conversation on the issues discussed, especially highlighting new and innovative approaches. In addition to the main sessions there will be a cocktail reception at the end to enable participants to continue the discussions with the panellists and other delegates to further share ideas and experiences.


The Business of Health conference will facilitate a forum for the private sector to describe their engagement in this difficult space and how they have inspired change and contributed to improvements despite the challenges. Speakers will describe the innovative solutions they have brought to the market and the gaps that still exist.

As with all “Future of Health” conferences, we seek to trigger conversations and inspire action by bringing together in a room, people that are often too busy to do so. The wide access to social media will ensure that conversations continue beyond the day and people are held responsible for the promises that they make.

Increased competition among private health care providers and engagement with the public sector will stimulate innovation, and bring with it an improvement of access and quality of care.

This conference will connect he private sector, policy makers, non-profits, providers of the services and government in a way that has never happened in Nigeria before.