The Future of Health Conference 2019 will focus on quality in healthcare. The objective of the Conference will centre around connecting people through robust health care networks, to bring to the forefront the need to integrate quality at all levels of healthcare access and delivery. We want to encourage goal-oriented conversations among health care professionals which will lead to the development of national guidelines to measure quality health care in Nigeria.

Why attend the #QualityHealthNaija Conference?

  • Learn – The conference is an ideal opportunity to hear and learn from experts in the healthcare industry. In addition to learning from renowned speakers, the Future of Health Conference presents an all-in-one platform to meet, ask questions, and learn from experienced colleagues.
  • Stay up-to-date – No matter how experienced you are in healthcare, chances are there is still something you need to learn at the Future of Health Conference. Attend and stay updated on what work is being done to improve the quality of healthcare delivery around Nigeria.
  • Network – With more than 400 healthcare leaders in attendance, the Future of Health Conference offers multiple opportunities to mix and mingle, form new and impactful relationships, and strengthen existing ones. Over tea or lunch, you can connect with colleagues from around the world. During a session, you could find yourself sitting next to a a development partner or a start-up founder! Fun fact – several partnerships, start-ups and businesses originated from our past conferences!
  • Be Inspired – Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and will share insights from their work driven by their passion to make the Nigerian health sector a better place. Come and be inspired! You might just get your next great idea here! you might find a mentor in your field or even become one.